Freelance, Month 7

freelance month 7

This is the first month that I haven’t played chicken with the bottom line of my bank account, and I haven’t worried about where my next job is coming from – because I already know. I feel like I’ve mastered what I have on my plate now, and I’m ready to grow.

The problems I now need to solve are more long term. What’s foremost on my mind are things like: how can I grow my blog? How can I continue this job lineup so that I’m always planning for the money I’m making several months out – not a week or two out? How do I continue to increase my productivity so that I can take on even more and not feel overwhelmed?

I’m also finding myself dreaming of shaking up my environment. I love home, but I have fantasies of escaping to the beach for the summer(anyone want to let me crash at their beach house?), or working from a train as it works its way across the country. It’s exciting to be able to see a time in the not too distant future where I could make these dreams a reality.

  • Sarah @ The Sarahverse

    I’m sure you already know about this but do you read Biz ladies on Design Sponge? They have a lot of great ideas on how do grow your business and your blog.

    • lovecitron

      Thanks for sharing! I do know about the Biz Ladies series, and I love them. They have so much helpful information!

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