Freelance, Month 8

Back in December, I had applied for a job. I wasn’t looking for jobs, but I knew someone who worked at the company, and it seemed like it could be a good fit. I’m all about exploring opportunities, and I figured I could get more information, and then make an informed decision, if it came to that. The application process dragged on for a couple months, and as my freelance work continued to grow, every time I thought about that job I would feel more and more stressed. Then, a couple weeks ago, I heard about another potential job opportunity. I realized that the thought of taking a full time job felt like giving up on myself. I have worked so hard to get to this point, and giving up on this dream and settling down for the 9-5 just felt wrong. So when I found out that the first job wasn’t going to work out, I felt more relief than disappointment. The day I got that email, I made a commitment to being a freelancer that I hadn’t truly felt before. I can see how I want my future to go,  and I’m ready to work hard to get there.

The very next week, an opportunity that seemed like it was tailor made for me basically fell into my lap. I don’t want to talk specifics, but I just feel so validated in my choices, and even more excited about my future. The pieces are falling into place, and my hard work is paying off, which makes me excited to work even harder.

This has been a good month.


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