Friday Flowers



I gotta say, I wasn’t totally sure how this bouquet was going to turn out. When I was at the Fresh Market, agonizing over what to pick, (Yes, literally agonizing. Sometime happens to me when I’m buying flowers or yarn, and I spend SO MUCH time, and get so stressed figuring out what to buy. It’s ridiculous. ) I wanted to do something different from what I’ve currently done, but everything looked so… common. Eventually David got impatient and I had to make a choice, so I went with spray mums, ferns, and alstroemeria.

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I was going for something that looked like I just gathered this stuff in the magical forest I lived in, and plopped it in a vase. The ferns were so sculptural so I let them just do their thing, and I tried to keep the flowers close to the vase. If I were hosting a dinner party in the next couple of days, I’d definitely use something like this as a centerpiece, since it’s low, but still makes an impact.