Friday Flowers

grocery store bouquet

Gah, I love alliteration! So after dumping stupid Trader Joe, I decided to check out the Fresh Market for flowers, and boy did they not disappoint. I had a really hard time not buying one of everything! I ended up getting baby’s breath, a eucalyptus ‘medley’ (whatever that means) and tulips. I also snagged an awesome iris from my backyard, which ended up being completely covered in aphids and in serious need of a de-lousing. It was gross, but worth it. I wanted this to look really textural, and I was worried with the baby’s breath it would swing 80s prom, but I decided to go for it, and I’m glad I did. It’s like a little cloud around the flowers.

An interesting tulip observation: When I was arranging this, they were very droopy, but after a few hours,  they got more and more upright! I wonder if the flower food had anything to do with that… Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing this bouquet continue to evolve as the tulips hopefully open up. I’ve been in a real tulip mood lately, since the area around my apartment is lousy with tulips that I can’t use for bouquets because it’s ‘illegal’ or something!


  • Katelyn