Frustrating Tiny Rooms

frustrating tiny rooms

I’m not much of a game person. I can sort of get into some video games (like Mario Kart), and board games are pretty hit or miss for me. Some of this I attribute to my super competitive family. We did not play a lot of games when I was growing up, because when we did, someone ended up crying. I refused to play Chinese Checkers for years, because at the age of like, 3, my grandfather so solidly kicked my ass in that game I didn’t see the point in ever trying again. Once, we were playing Spoons, and had to stop when someone started bleeding. Monkey in the Middle was not allowed for years, because my brother would always end up sobbing and in time out. Basically, in my family we play for keeps.

Despite this, every once in a while I’ll get super into a game for a little bit. There was the Words with Friends friend-zy, (ha ha), the Draw Something binge, the time I was obsessed with the Sims, and the time that I almost finished Luigi’s Mansion, a personal best. The only reason I didn’t finish was because my account accidentally got deleted.

This is a really long build up to say that today I spent about 45 minutes playing Frustrating Tiny Rooms. It’s simple, brilliant, and you should try it. Visually it’s pretty simple, but there’s something about the pixelated cubes that I’m really digging. You can play it here.