Fun Times Ahead

It was kind of an exciting weekend. I went bridesmaid dress shopping with my friend, and David’s brother got engaged! Since I love to see my friends happy, and I love attending weddings in general, I am expecting some fun times in the future.

It’s so interesting to watch this going on around me. By the time 2013 rolls around I will have attended at least 4 weddings this year. This time last year, nobody was even engaged. It’s crazy – and wonderful – that the people in my life are making these big decisions, and taking these monumental steps, but it also makes me feel a little sad. I’m so happy in this exact moment, and I wish that these times could last forever. The anticipation has always been my favorite part, and as fun as it is to be poised on the brink of all this, it’s also a reminder that time goes so, so fast.