Good-For-Now Business Cards

business card inspiration

Ugh. Business cards. Lemme tell you, as a designer, these are super stressful. They’re almost obsolete, but you still need them occasionally, it’s an opportunity to be super creative and clever – there are business card designs out there that will blow your mind – but printing costs add up, and do you really want to spend $500 on some business cards? Really, the only way to go is to completely DIY, at least for me.

business card inspiration

Unfortunately, I’m busy with ‘clients’ and stuff, so I haven’t had the chance to dedicate some time to this project, and I actually needed something to fill the gap. I decided to go with Moo, since I think their quality is pretty great for the price, and I liked how they offered that extra thick cardstock. The Luxe business cards give you a choice of layering a colored paper in between your printed pieces, but their choices are pretty limited, and I really had my heart set on gold. I decided to edge paint them myself.

I wasn’t initially intending on having it be a little messy, but that’s how they ended up, and I actually really like it. The edge paint is nice and sparkly, which I love, and I think it’s cool how the paint bled into the paper a little bit. It’s kind of like my aesthetic – clean and modern, with a little hand made character.

  • KaezarRex

    The cards look great!

    • Alison Citron

      thanks guy! :)

      • KaezarRex

        Now let’s talk about some business cards for me…

  • Gabrielle Hardin

    I love how they turned out, Alison!