Great Food Packaging

Last night I was making dinner when I realized that I should probably stick some sort of vegetable next to my pork chop. I was digging around the freezer looking at our frozen vegetable selection when I found this:

Fresh Market Corn packaging

I just love it. I know it’s a very mundane thing to wax poetic over, but when you look at the alternative, I think it really justifies my stance that ALL design should be carefully considered, not just high brow things.

Fresh Market Corn packaging
I mean, look at this. It’s simple, there is an established hierarchy, and it effectively showcases the product. I’ve noticed a lot of frozen food packages feature large photos of the food, except it’s so blown out of proportion and photoshopped that half the time you can barely tell what it is!

Let’s not get crazy, corn is corn, but I would much rather look at what I’m actually buying than some weird photo of corn kernels that are the size of my fist.

Anyway, good job to whomever designed this! Thanks for putting a product out there that is simple, effective, and beautiful.