Halloween Drinks For Grown Ups

halloween beverages

So, I’ll be honest with you – I initially was just going to do a roundup of drinks I found on Pinterest that fit in with a Halloween theme. After all, drinking at Halloween is the only redeeming factor of being too old to go ask for free candy without being pathetic. But for once, Pinterest really let me down. My search turned up things like this (which looks awesome but I am pretty sure tastes disgusting) or this, which beyond the fact that you’re just adding red dye to your drink for no reason, offends my martini loving heart. Seriously?? Sugar in a martini? Gross.

So, I took it upon myself to come up with some drinks that feel festive but also taste good and don’t require a lot of weird props. My goal was to come up with some mixes that tasted really good, weren’t sickeningly sweet, and you didn’t need to buy a lot of extra stuff for, that you’ll never use again. I don’t like drink recipes where you have to go out and get a bunch of specialty liquors that you can’t use up in real life, because no other recipe calls for Sour Apple Pucker. I admit, the Hypnotiq is not really what you’d consider a household staple, but the drink is really yummy, and I have some weird obsession with Hypnotiq so it’s worth it. True story: The first liquors I bought after I turned 21 were sweet tea vodka and an airplane bottle of Hypnotiq. I also thought you combined the sweet tea vodka with sweet tea, and it turns out you don’t. That’s gross.

A word of warning: These drinks are strong. Because they’re for adults. Feel free to play with the ratios. All of these drinks were too sweet for David, I thought they were just perfect, you might think they’re too strong. They aren’t tested or anything, because who am I, Martha Stewart? Think of them as a guideline, and change accordingly.

pumpkin pie slush

Pumpkin Pie Slush (or Jack O Lantern Brains if you’re trying to be on theme)

If you like bourbon, you’ll like this drink. It’s definitely got the bourbon flavor, but the pumpkin and syrup mellows it out a little bit. Serve with a cinnamon stick if you wanna get extra fancy/you really like the cinnamon flavor.

1 shot bourbon
2 small spoonfuls of pumpkin pie mix (it comes in a can)
dash of bitters

Shake together – freeze until it’s slushy.

cider car


A autumnal twist on a sidecar.

1.5 oz brandy
.75 oz fresh lemon juice
.75 oz amaretto
splash of spiced cider (to taste)

Shake all ingredients over ice.




This drink is not only tasty, but also a very pretty reddish orange color. If you have a party, just serve this in a clear cup, and half your decorating is done! Also, your guests may get hammered. Watch out.

1.5 oz gin (or vodka if you don’t like gin for some reason!)
.5 oz Aperol
.5 oz pama
fresh lemon juice to taste (up to .5 oz was good)

Shake all over ice.



This is a twist on a delicious drink my cousin made for me this summer (shout out!). It’s fresh, light, and a cool color that looks like a potion. What more could you ask for?

1.5 oz gin
1 oz  Hypnotiq
1 oz Grand Marnier (or triple sec, if you want it to be blue instead of green – you could go with even less if you like your drinks tart)
1 oz fresh lime juice

Shake with ice. Serve with a twist of lime if ya fancy.

  • Kathleen

    Wow those look really yummy! It is hard to decide which one to try first:)

  • lacey

    jack-o-lantern brains. i’m in love, i’m in love, and i don’t care who knows it! i would like to try them all yespleaseandthankyou.

  • Lisa

    Does the hypnosis call for fresh lime juice? Or the bottled/sweetened stuff?

    • http://oneandonly.im/blog Alison Citron

      Hi Lisa! I used fresh, and I actually would even put a little zest in too. :)