Happy Monday!

wellie boots snow night

I’m getting a bit of a slow start this morning, but I wanted to tell you guys about how I think David and I achieved the perfect Sunday. We woke up, ate a delicious breakfast, bummed around, and then went to a friend’s housewarming brunch. We got to see some people we don’t see all the time, and I learned that my one friend and I both have the same type of wanderlust going on, so we started planning a road trip.

snowy branches

On the way home we stopped at the grocery store, got most of our shopping done for the week, cleaned the apartment and then I made this delicious dish (seriously, make it tonight) except instead of dumplings I used roasted eggplant, and I paired it with homemade Caesar salad. I don’t want to brag, but it was an amazing meal.

girl and dog in snow

All of this sounds normal and boring, but what made it perfect was that it snowed! In my life, snow is a special occasion, so we ended up going outside and walking around to enjoy it. Everything feels so magical when it’s snowing, even if it’s just slush on the ground.

dog in snow

I always feel like I’m in Narnia before everything got better. Of course, it’s melted, warm and sunny this morning, so that made the walk feel even more like I was just hanging out in a magical wardrobe for a couple hours. Caspian always gets so excited – he was charging ahead like he was late for something.

flower in snow

Then we came home, read on the couch in our freshly cleaned apartment, and (if you’re me) stayed up too late reading the Hunger Games in bed. Boom. Perfect Sunday. All future Sundays? The bar has been raised.



  • http://www.jessicabruckman.com Jessica

    More Caspian photos please!

    • lovecitron

      Well, if you insist!

  • http://hotmesscoolday.wordpress.com Lindsay

    Ahhh I just devoured The Hunger Games! Every spare moment was spent reading and I finished the trilogy in a week. I’m probably going to re-read them because I miss the books haha

    • lovecitron

      Yeah, I may or may not have spent 3 hours today finishing the last book! They are so entertaining, I’m sad it’s over..