Happy Thanksukkah!

Welcome to the best weekend of the year. I hope you’re ready.

According to my grandmother, this is the only time that Thanksgiving and Hanukkah will coincide in 8000 years. I am not sure where she’s getting her facts from, and I’m not totally sure I believe her, since this is the woman who also makes up ‘Yiddish’ words, but I am very much on board with this scheduling miracle. Hanukkah can tend to get overlooked in my family, since there’s always so much going on this time of year, but tonight my whole family will be together, and we are going to eat the crap out of some latkes and light candles like it’s our job. It’s gonna be great.

I had planned to list out a few things I’m thankful for, but it kind of feels a little braggy for some reason? I also wonder why you would care, because I mean, as much as I love everyone, I kind of don’t care what you’re thankful for? Don’t wanna read about it, will maybe make you write it down and take a picture of you.

So instead I will just say that I am very thankful for all the love in my life, for my good health, and for the opportunity to chase my dream every day. I hope you all have those things in your lives too, and I hope you eat a truly ridiculous amount of food tomorrow. Don’t leave me hanging, guys.

I’ll be back on Monday!