Happy New Year!

letsdothisphoto via unsplash

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year!

Not to totally brag, but I had a really stellar 2013. I take any opportunity to reflect, so obviously I’ve been doing a lot of that recently, and I’m just trying to really slow down and appreciate what’s happened, and what’s happening. I feel like I’m really gaining some clarity and direction for my business, I’ve pushed myself to try new things, oh, and I got engaged and it was perfect. I know everyone says that, but even just like, having that memory in the back of my mind to think about whenever I feel a little down has made me feel so much happier, and so aware of all the things I have to be grateful for. I still can’t believe it.

I love resolutions, and fresh starts, but I don’t think that resolving to do something for an entire year is necessarily the best way to go about achieving your goals. So this year, I am focusing on what outcomes I want, and working on creating systems to make those happen. What’s true for me today won’t necessarily be the same thing in February, and I think that consistently revisiting how I am going about achieving my goals and making adjustments is the way to go.

I also like the idea of having a theme, or a word, to set the tone for your year. This year, I want to grow.

I want to grow my business.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘first they sleep, then they creep, then they leap?’ It’s meant to describe plants, but I like to think that’s how things are going to go this year – first it slept, it’s been creeping, and now it’s time to start growing by leaps and bounds! I’m in a good place, I have a good plan, and I’m excited to share the journey with you all.

I want to grow my skills.

In 2013, I tried a lot of new things, and in 2014, I want to keep learning and getting better. Work-wise, I want to get really good at calligraphy, learn more about how to best use my letterpress, learn to foil, and get better at the time management and organization side of business. On a more personal note, I want to get better at my hobbies, like sewing.

I want to push myself to grow.

Whether it’s forcing myself to face my deepest, darkest fears (like dying in a fiery plane crash) or coming up with ways to overcome my everyday obstacles, like procrastinating or being lazy and only doing laundry ever 3 weeks, I want this to be a year of personal growth. Being engaged has really made me consider what I’m bringing to the table in terms of being a person. I think being happy and healthy is a choice (for me) and I think it would be really nice to enter into a marriage feeling like the best possible version of myself, and feeling prepared for all the challenges life can throw at you. For me, this means focusing on actually trying to be happier, whether it’s being able to acknowledge problems without letting them consume my thoughts, building a morning and evening routine, or making space to do the things that I love. I also want to spend more time learning, and create a system for overcoming those nagging tasks that can drain away your motivation (you know, like paying off student loans, or getting your oil changed, or whatever.) Basically, I am so excited to be engaged, and I want this to be the best year ever.

I want to grow my confidence.

It’s hard to feel confident, and even harder to talk about NOT feeling confident. This kind of goes hand in hand with everything else I’ve talked about, but I think feeling confident has a lot to do with a positive outlook on life, and also maybe identifying some things that make you feel not-so-great and fixing them. I’ve noticed I feel a lot more confident when I consistently eat healthy foods (imagine that!) so I’m definitely going to focus on making that a part of my routine. I also want to start dressing better – even though I work from home and often don’t even see anyone, I’ve noticed I feel so much better when I’m well dressed. I’m going to try to start only purchasing clothes that I really love – and give myself permission to splurge occasionally, instead of buying sale items that don’t make my heart skip a beat. I’m also going to fake it until I make it. If I act confident, eventually I’ll feel confident… right?

That’s it for now – I feel like if I manage to accomplish all that, I’ll be doing pretty awesome this time next year! What are your goals, hopes and dreams for 2014? Please share – if there’s one thing I like better than making my own resolutions, it’s hearing about other people’s resolutions!

  • lacey

    i like the way you say things. i can totally relate to your goals for this year. my word for the year is “focus”. i want to focus on my jewelry and crafts and the stores that i am selling them in. i want to revamp my etsy shop which is currently bare bones empty. i want to focus on streamlining my creative process. last year was an awesome year of being brave and trying new things, and now that a few of those things are up and running, i want to make the most out of them. now to figure out how to go about doing that…

    • http://oneandonly.im/blog Alison Citron

      Aw, thanks, Lacey. I like your 2014 word – I think focus is an underrated skill, but a good one to cultivate!