The best/worst thing about my new design life is the complete freedom and flexibility of schedule. At first, I thought that would mean that I have total control over what I do, and I guess I do, to an extent, but I’m slowly coming to realize that this job doesn’t allow flexibility of schedule so much as demand it. This means while I feel like I worked 24/7 the past couple weeks, today I ended up spending the day doing non-work things, and it was lovely. I’m slowly creating a structure for how I want my career to go in the big picture, but day to day I think I need to lose the planning to some extent, and be open to where the day takes me, whether it’s unexpected work that has me in my office late into the evening, or an extra long lunch and then a walk and some gardening with my mom.

I spent the weekend cleaning out my closets. If this doesn’t sound fun to you, then congratulations, you are not a cleaning nerd like me. Our closets are microscopic, and when David moved in, we kind of threw a bunch of stuff into them and decided to deal with it later. Which turned into nine months later. That’s a whole baby’s worth of time that we dealt with closets so crammed with junk that we could barely close the doors. It started spilling out into the office, and finally the apartment just looked like a war zone, but I couldn’t do anything about it because I had nowhere to put anything. It was driving me crazy, and I finally had to set aside an entire day to deal with it.

You guys, I conquered that mountain. I made those closets my bitch. Not only did we get rid of a ton of stuff, and put up a second closet rod (like a boss!) we now have extra space. It’s not only organized neatly, there is room to grow. It is incredible. If you want to come over, I’ll totally show you my closets. You’ll be proud.

Another thing I tacked off my should-have-done-nine-months-ago list is ordering pictures. I hung the frames right away, but actually getting photos printed has eluded me. It’s embarrassing when your friends make fun of your empty picture frames – like you live in a model home or something – but I would say it’s worth the wait, because I was so freaking excited to pick those photos up today. It is insanely excited to complete a nagging task like that, and then realize heck yes, I don’t have to do this again for years!

So yeah, I had a pretty domestic weekend. I’m hooked now. My plan is to tackle every nagging thing that I know I should be doing before the end of the year – and start 2012 fresh.

How was your weekend?