Housewarming Fiesta!

housewarming party invitations

My pal Liz just bought her first condo! Can I take a moment to publicly talk about how proud of her I am? She is legit making it in the big city all by herself, working in a fancy building and doing fancy things with her life, and while I am not surprised, I am very impressed. She is the best.

Anyway, she asked me to make a housewarming party invitation for her. She wanted a Cinco De Mayo theme, and I wanted to do something that was on theme, but didn’t involve a sombrero, a cactus, or tequila. I think we struck a good balance.

I love doing little projects like this. It’s very satisfying creatively, and it’s super fun! So, if you have something coming up that you need some invitations or announcements for, hit me up – I’d love to make your stationery dreams come true.