I Can Keep A Dog Alive, Why Not A Plant?

plant killer

It really bothers me that I am so bad with plants. Admittedly, I’ve had some bad luck, which has driven me to indoor plants (one of my neighbors ripped out my vegetable garden without telling me before moving away because it was ‘on his side’), but I have even killed succulents, which are supposedly the easiest house plants to keep alive.

Despite the fact that I’ve NEVER successfully raised a plant, I have confidence that this time, it will work. I got an app that will hopefully remind me when to water, and I’m starting out with a Chia herb garden that David’s brother gave us, and I was too scared to plant until recently. I can keep Chia herbs alive. I can do it.

What I’ve really set my sights on, however, is a fig fiddle leaf tree. I (along with probably ever other blogger in the world) think they are so sculptural and beautiful, and a fig fiddle of my own would be just the thing to bring some life into my apartment. My mom actually found one at Whole Foods, and she said I could have it, but I’m afraid to take it, because what if I immediately kill it?

We will see.

  • http://www.daringdesigns.com Don Seeley

    We are no better. I’ve reconciled myself to the fact, but my wife keeps trying. She’s always buying new plants to hang on the front porch. I’ve suggested that it would get it all over much faster if she just took them out back and shot them.

    • http://oneandonly.im Alison

      Ha! Sometimes when I’m buying plants, I think about how it would probably be better to just light that money on fire and enjoy watching it burn. Maybe someday we will succeed… :)

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