I Just Wanna Dance

little miss sunshine gifA pretty accurate self portrait.

I have recently started going to Zumba classes. For those not in the know, Zumba is a Latin aerobic dance class. I went to a class with my cousin when I was in Ohio, and I had so much fun that I finally mustered up the courage to go to a class at my gym. Now, I’m kind of addicted.

It’s weird, because I don’t think Zumba is particularly cool. The classes at my gym vary – but some of the instructors are pretty dorky, and the songs can be kind of cheesy. I am so, so bad at it – I would die of embarrassment if someone I knew was watching me, and I feel silly even talking about it. But that’s part of the charm. I’m not doing it to impress anyone, and it feels rare to do something that’s just for me. Beyond that, it’s just really fun. It’s impossible to not smile when you’re dancing around like a crazy person, and everyone else is clearly having fun with you. I love to dance, and this is a great outlet for that. Even better, it is a tough workout. I always leave sweaty and out of breath, but when I’m doing it, the time seems to fly.

But the best part is that I feel like it’s something that is making me grow as a person. I don’t think I do enough stuff that puts me out of my comfort zone – and even though I love Zumba, it is way out of my comfort zone. I feel like a moron doing most of the moves – but I do them, and each time I get a little better. It’s a great reminder for me to continue to try new things and experiences.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure workout? Would people make fun of you if they saw you doing it?

  • Jessica G.

    omg, I tried a zumba class for the first time this weekend, and I felt like such an idiot. I am the most uncoordinated and awkward person everrrr, plus I was wearing my running clothes/shoes (because I, uh, just finished running), which made it all feel worse since other people had cute clothes on, haha. I do want to go back because it was still fun! And maybe I’ll get the hang of some of the moves eventually…

  • http://hotmesscoolday.wordpress.com Lindsay

    I LOVE ZUMBA! It’s so much fun to just let loose. The last couple instructors I’ve had were AWESOME and they had great music. Definitely try switching it up if you think it’s cheesy. Running and generally being at a gym definitely takes me out of my comfort zone. I always feel self-conscious there!

  • lovecitron

    @ Jessica, I had exactly the same experience as you. I just don’t have any cute workout gear, because I don’t want to spend a bunch of money on clothes I sweat in? I’m hoping to master the moves eventually, but for now I just try not to look at myself in the mirror..

    @ Lindsay, I’m finding it’s such a stress reliever! I feel soo self conscious at the gym. I don’t know what it is, but I always feel like I’m in somebody’s way..