Ice Cream Recipe Roundup

delicious ice cream recipes

Ice cream is my  favorite dessert, hands down. This summer, my mom lent me her ice cream maker, and I’ve been having so much fun making different, delicious flavors. Home made ice cream has a taste and texture that store-bought just can’t replicate. I’ve compiled my favorite recipes below. I usually decide what I wanted to make, and then google it for a recipe idea, so I didn’t realize that so many of my favorites came from David Lebovitz! I know nothing about this guy, but he makes some good ice cream, let me tell you.


salted caramel ice cream

photo by Romulo Yanes

Salted Caramel

photo by david lebovitz

Mint Chip (I used spearmint)

pistachio ice cream

photo by david lebovitz


photo by lara hata

Toasted Coconut

peanut butter ice cream

photo by jerry russell

Peanut Butter

chocolate ice cream

photo by amanda formaro