I’m Back!

road trip graphicSo what I didn’t mention last week was that the bachelorette party was an 8 hour car drive away.. Road trip! This was a drive I’ve made millions of times before – but I have to be honest, it’s not always my favorite. I have a hard time reading or sleeping in the car, and I have a fear of driving off the side of a mountain, which can make it hard to relax.

This drive actually ended up being pretty fun. My mom and brother came with me, so it was great to have some good long conversations with them. I got to try out my working from the road skills – and it turns out that not having internet is very good for productivity.

I will be making this drive a few more times this summer, and I’m going to try to appreciate the journey a little more. It’s a beautiful trip, and getting to see family is always so worth it. Who knows, mayb

  • http://sarahjbray.com Sarah J. Bray

    I wish I could read in the car — I could get so much done on our road trips to SC and the mountains in southwest VA. Alas, car sickness. My nemesis!

    • lovecitron

      Car sickness is the worst! I used to be able to read in the car – which makes it even worse, because I’ll always think maybe it went away, but it never has.