In the Kitchen: Graduation Coleslaw

purple cole slaw recipe
purple cole slaw recipe
My mom has a box of recipe cards that I’m fairly certain hold some of the world’s best recipes. That’s where most of our Christmas cookies, like the  Velvety Sugar Cookies, live, along with countless other delicious recipes. My favorite part about looking at recipes from that box is the fact that most of the cards are in my mom, my aunt, or my grandmother’s handwriting, and they usually have a little backstory attached. It’s like a holding a piece of family history.

That sense of recipe history is something that I feel like we are losing with the internet. Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to go online and find a new recipe instantly, and I’d probably suck at cooking if I couldn’t look stuff up online, but I wonder what my own recipe box will look like in 30 years – or if I’ll even have one.

My family still trades recipes whenever we get together, and I try to write them out by hand as often as I can. I’m SO sure future generations will really appreciate my kindergarten handwriting! I also try to attach a name or a story to each recipe – which is how Graduation Coleslaw came to be.

This is seriously the best coleslaw I’ve ever had, hands down. It’s tart, bacon-y, and fresh tasting, and I could eat it forever. I first had it at my cousin Madalyn’s high school graduation party, and I probably make it at least once a month since then. It keeps for a crazy long time, and when I switched up the recipe to use red cabbage instead of green, it looks really pretty and unusual too.

The best part is, you can usually make it with stuff you have on hand, so there’s really no reason not to make it tonight!