Introducing One & Only Custom Stationery!

wedding stationery calligraphy

Hey guys. Or probably more accurately, hi Mom and Elizabeth, the only two people who still bother to check this site after I abandoned it (and you, I’m sorry!) for a couple months. I’m back! I didn’t realize when I stopped blogging how much I needed a break, but on the other side of it, I totally, totally did. I decided to not come back until I missed blogging, and it’s taken me this long to miss blogging. It probably helps that I’ve been doing some home improvement projects that I’m excited to share/brag about, but the point is I’m back, and the same as ever.

You might wonder what the hell I’ve been doing in my absence, and the short answer is: a LOT. The long answer is:

wedding stationery calligraphy

Back in October, around my birthday, I started to have a minor life crisis. Things weren’t going so well in the career department, and I was feeling stuck, uninspired, unfulfilled, and unsuccessful. I briefly contemplated a total career change. After a lot of thought, I decided that website design as a full time career simply was not working for me. I loved the actual designing part, and I felt lucky that my clients were great people, but I hated the other 75% of what web design was for me – promoting myself, maintaining people’s websites, the feeling that projects just dragged on and on and on… and that’s kind of the nature of this work – websites are always evolving. When I took a good hard look at what truly inspired me, and what my favorite projects have been over the past couple of years, it always came back to print. My happiest work days have been spent at my desk, lettering, drawing, and making wedding invitations. I love the tangible quality of a handmade invitation, and I love working with brides to make their vision come true. I’ve mentioned this before, but it is so special to me when brides choose to make my work a part of their big day – it’s an honor and a responsibility I don’t take lightly.


Around the same time that I was coming to this idea, my good friend Gabrielle was facing a similar choice. She was working an office job, and trying to figure out how to transition into a more creative job. Looking back, it’s kind of dumb how long it took me to figure this out, but it literally hit me like a ton of bricks one day – why were we not working together?

wedding stationery calligraphy

We officially teamed up in November, and it has been such a game changer for me. Gabrielle is incredibly creative and so talented – her calligraphy just blows me away – and she also just happens to be super organized. I’m definitely a big dreamer – I have a lot of ideas that I’m really passionate about, and I can always think of more exciting stuff that could be just over the horizon. Gabrielle is a big dreamer too, but more importantly she’s really good at focusing on how to make big dreams happen, where I tend to be more ‘yeah yeah, details details, we’ll figure it out later’. Basically, we’re an awesome team, and I didn’t realize until it was happening what a relief it is to have a business partner, someone just to be in it with you, and push you to be your very best.

wedding stationery calligraphy

This is a long introduction to officially announce that One & Only Custom Stationery is open for business. We are excited to bring you handmade, bespoke stationery that will include carefully considered details and always be made with love. Along with our custom stationery, we will also be offering ready-made stationery through our Etsy shop – which is coming soon! We have added a bunch of new projects to our portfolio so be sure to check those out – and let me know what you think!


  • Kathleen

    Beautiful! Congrats on your new direction. In cannot wait to see more!

  • Elizabeth

    Yay! You’re guessed correctly…I’m still here! It all is so lovely…can’t wait to see more