Introducing Real Talk

Real Talk Newsletter
Long time readers may remember that I started an email newsletter a LONG time ago, sent out exactly one, and then never did anything with it ever again. I felt really guilty spamming people’s inboxes with non-valuable content, and it’s taken me this long to think of something that would actually add value to people’s lives (and inboxes), not just be annoying self-promotion.

But good things come to those who wait, and I have a really good idea for this newsletter, you guys. Reeeal good.

I’m going to call it Real Talk, and it’s going to be (wait for it) real talk with me!

Real Talk Newsletter
Real Talk will be a place where I can openly and honestly share my independent business journey – and hopefully build a community of similar people who are going through the same things. It will be weekly, on Mondays, starting next Monday, April 8th, and I’m so, so excited.

Sign up here to get you some Real Talk, because this is content that won’t be shared outside of the email newsletter. Join the club! Be one of the cool kids!

  • Melissa Ashley

    Just signed up little lady! Can’t wait! This couldn’t come at a perfect time. About to text you about meeting up this week!

    • Alison Citron

      Yay! Thanks, Melissa! I am so excited for our coffee date. :)

  • Carrie Misenheimer

    Go Alison. 100% behind this idea. Subscribed :)

    • Alison Citron

      Thanks, Carrie! I really appreciate it. :)

  • KaezarRex

    I’m pumped for next Monday!

  • Leney Breeden

    Found this via Melissa of The 25th Hour! I’m really excited about this:) As a new business owner myself, I’m definitely working on learning new things and getting the hang of running my business!
    Thanks for starting this, excited to be a part of it:)

    • Alison Citron

      Thank you so much for signing up, Leney!