It Just Needed Some Deskorations

closet office

As some of you may know, David’s computer has lived in the closet for a couple of months now. It’s a pretty sweet deal. The office still feels more open, and it’s much easier to keep clean now that we have space to, you know, move around and stuff. But I felt bad, because the closet looked like, well, a closet. There was a lot of crap on the shelf above his head, there wasn’t space for his computer, and there definitely wasn’t space for him to display desk decorations (deskorations!). Which meant they were living on MY work desk, and cluttering up the space like the sad, lonely decorative orphans they were. Something had to be done.

My plan of attack was twofold: I wanted to paint the interior of the closet black, and hang shallow shelves for display/storage purposes. I decided on black (and David agreed to it) because it is a neutral color that will fit in with the space, but it also has maximum impact for a small space. Another reason I chose it was because I am obsessed with black walls, and would probably paint my entire apartment black if I had enough natural light. Luckily, we had leftover paint, and shelves that I’d rescued from my mom’s giveaway pile, so this was a pretty cheap project. I learned while painting the closet that I am somehow terrible at cutting in. I don’t know how this happened, I’ve painted a lot of walls in my life, but… I’m definitely going to have to paint it back when we move out, because WOW those borders look awful. Fortunately for me, you can’t  see it when there’s stuff on the shelves, or else I would have had to paint the ceiling black too.

closet office

David hung the shelves, and I got rid of all the stuff that we didn’t need to keep. Since we have a microscopic amount of storage space, it’s really important for us to only keep things we use and need. That sentence made us sound like we were really good at decluttering but I’ll be honest. Our other closet has crap on the floor that’s hip height now. We desperately need to purge, but a combination of being busy, laziness, and a fear of bugs leaping out of the mess and onto my face has kept it permanently messy. But that’s a whole different blog post.

I think it looks pretty cool, and more importantly, it looks more deliberate, and less like a punishment. We’d like to put lights in there eventually, and I think it would be cool if David’s chair was NOT a borrowed dining room table chair, but it’s getting there. I’m trying to take the time to adjust to each change, and really think about the best solutions for the space, instead of rushing to ‘finish’ a room. It’s much slower, but if it means we’re ultimately really happy with the end result, I think it’s worth it.