Just Call Me The Dog Whisperer

lost dog photo
A couple days ago, Caspian, David and I were out on an evening walk when something unusual happened. A dog came trotting toward us, dragging her leash. While Caspian and I hung back from a safe distance, David grabbed her leash, and checked her collar, which had no tags. Since it looked like she’d broken free while on a walk, we looked around for an owner, but saw no one. So we walked up a couple blocks to a more populated street, hoping that if someone was driving around looking for their dog, they’d spot us. Then we tried to figure out what to do, since we couldn’t just let it go, and the animal shelter was closed. I’m pretty sure at this point Caspian thought he had a new sister. We couldn’t just stand on the street corner forever, so I suggested letting the dog lead us around, in hopes that she would take us to her home.

I know how dumb that sounds. It’s not like we found Lassie, some regular dog is not going to automatically know to lead us to its owner, but we didn’t know what to do. As we were wandering around behind buildings, and pausing at trash cans and trees, David and I discussed how silly we felt, and I started wondering if we had just found ourselves a new pet. The dog was really sweet! It took us to this shed with a truck parked next to it. It was fenced in, and I couldn’t see an entrance. We weren’t totally sure someone even lived there, although in our area people do rent out shed style buildings in their backyards sometimes. I saw a TV on through a screened door.  I was standing in front of the door, which was behind a fence, wondering if I was brave enough to yell in and ask those people if that was their dog, because you know, it walked us over here so obviously this is where it lived, when a girl saw me and came out.

“Hey, do you uh, recognize this dog?”

She did! The dog’s name was Lilly, and she totally led us home! She had spotted a cat and ran off, and her owner was very relieved to see her again. As great as it felt to do a good deed (as a dog owner, I can only hope if Caspian gets out someone will take the time to figure out where he came from – although we make it a lot easier since we, you know, put tags on him.) it was also completely awesome that we worked together with Lilly (we were a team!) and figured out where she came from. Good dog!

  • http://www.bethanybarkey.com/blog Bethany Barkey

    Aww, that’s so sweet that you guys were even willing to follow the dog. I would, at least if it was a friendly dog. Seems like I come across more scary ones than sweet ones lately. I’d bend over backwards for a sweet dog :)

    • lovecitron

      Me too! I am such a crazy dog lady it’s not even funny. :) I have to say, I was a little scared at first, because of how it was running toward us, but she turned out to be super sweet.

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