Just Do It: A Champion Procrastinator’s Tale

I think thank you notes are really important. I was raised to write them, and I believe that if you are a polite and decent person, you will write thank you notes after being receiving a gift, staying at someone’s home or otherwise accepting some sort of big favor.

That being said, I SUCK at writing thank you notes. I always start out so strong, planning to write them just days after my birthday, or Christmas, or whatever, and then…. I want to have enough time to make sure each one is like a tiny piece of very thankful literature. I want to make them. I want to design a newer, better thank you card that will truly express how thankful I am before the recipient even reads my message. Suddenly, it’s a month + after my birthday (for example (not really)) and I STILL haven’t sent them out, and I feel so, so sad and ashamed, and oh god I have to see my aunts in a couple weeks and they will think I’m ungrateful.

I’m figuring that more people than me have this problem, and I want to make it as easy as possible for them to rectify it. So I made these:

printable thank you card

Sometimes it’s best to own up to your failings, and thank someone extra hard. I know if these are resonating with you, you need them like, yesterday, so I made it a free download. The file is light grey and white, so you don’t need a color printer, and it won’t take a ton of ink. You can print it on any colored cardstock you want (or have on hand). The best part is that they are just postcards, so you can go from zero to thank you in five minutes or less – just print and cut and BAM, you’re done! The cards fit nicely in a 4 x 5 envelope.

I have now taken away all of your reasons for procrastinating on this (very necessary) chore. So let’s unite, get our overdue thank you notes out tonight, and vow to do better next time.