Kitchen Renovation

mango kitchen

The view from the kitchen door. I had loved the bright color of the kitchen for quite some time, but I think it definitely contributed to the cluttered feel of the kitchen.


mango kitchen

The sad, lonely pot rack. And the sad, unpainted shelf.


messy kitchen

The kitchen sink and the only available counter space. It always ended up filled with dishes, and the tiny counter above the sink was a messy spice rack.

messy kitchen

This wall was so messy and there was no possible way to keep it clean because it had to serve so many functions. Storage, laundry room, auxilary counter space… It was always a mess.


mango kitchen

Looking out of the kitchen doorway.



mint and red kitchen

I decided to go with a greenish light blue color and accent with bright pops of red. It makes the kitchen feel much more soothing, and it also brightens up the room quite a bit!

mint and red kitchen

This coffee cart now holds Caspian’s food, and the white dish on it holds random fruit. I bought the rug on sale at Crate and Barrel in Ohio, and I love how perfectly it picks up the colors in the slate and the wall.

ikea pot rack example

I love this pot rack. It holds all of my most important dishes, and most needed utensils. The spice rack keeps the spices contained, although I’m not sure that it’s going to stay, since a (very expensive) jar of fennel just fell out the other day, and shattered all over the floor. I also love how you can store the lids on top of the rack. Oh IKEA. You just get me.

mint kitchen

This is the wall where the refrigerator and the washer and dryer used to be. I like this setup SO MUCH BETTER! It has tripled my counter space. I especially like the bar set up. During parties, people can stand on the other side and it’s almost like a real bar! It is also incredible to be able to be in the kitchen and hear what’s going on in the other rooms. It has really opened up the the whole apartment.

These are some cookie cutters that I have collected over the years. I think cookie cutters are so cool, and they have fun shapes that should be displayed for the other 99% of the time when they aren’t cutting out dough.

This is my little collection of ceramic things that go over the sink. These are the ONLY things that are allowed to go over the sink. Please note the dish rack in the bottom corner, keeping dishes under control since 2011.

Owlbert and Hoobert.

mint and red kitchenI hope everyone has a great memorial day weekend!

  • Alyssa

    Looks awesome Ali!!!! Love it