Knitted Spiral Rib Hat

spiral knitted hat
My brother is the kind of guy who bases his wardrobe around his school’s colors. For years, he was an NC State (my alma mater) mega-fan, and consequently, he wore a lot of red. Then, he ended up going to college somewhere with completely different school colors – green, which is scientifically the opposite of red – and he’s been slowly trying to get more gear in his new school’s colors. I think he got the school spirit gene that was intended for me, as well as his own – it literally never occurred to me to dress in my school’s colors. For a long time, my favorite NC State shirt was yellow. Yellow!

Anyway, when he mentioned that he got cold walking to class, I figured a hat in his new school colors would be the perfect gift. Unfortunately it was like 5 days before Christmas, but that made it more of a fun challenge. Speed knitting! I thought this hat was a little more interesting then the standard ribbed hat, and when it’s stretched out on his head, it almost looks like a herringbone pattern.

If you’re interested, the pattern for this hat is located here. Do you guys read the Purl Bee? They have the coolest projects. I visited their store in New York before I even knew who they were – and it was awesome. Every time I read their blog, I wish I could go back!