Learn To Knit!

Learn To Knit - link roundup

So, the last time I thought about knitting, I was like maybe I’ll open an Etsy shop! I bought a few skeins of yarn and then forgot about it for basically the whole summer.


However now that we’ve had some lovely cool days, I’m thinking about fall, and more importantly, I’m feeling into the whole knitting scene again. I like knitting because there’s very little you have to invest in to get started, and there’s not a very steep learning curve. Once you’ve learned a couple different stitches and techniques, you are able to easily do make whatever you want, and learning cooler techniques is just a matter of learning how to combine a couple core stitches, usually.

It’s also nice because if you get tired of it, the supplies don’t take up much room, and you can walk away for a couple days (or um, a whole season) until you’re ready to get back on at it again.

My friends act so impressed with my knitting skills (although.. I do have very sweet and encouraging friends), which makes me feel like an imposter because I know people who are actually amazing at knitting, and make things like sweaters, and socks, and who use intricate patterns and have a knowledge base that blows mine out of the water (uh.. shout out to Gennie!). So please don’t take this as me proclaiming to be the be-all end-all authority about knitting. I just think that it seems intimidating from the outside, it’s actually not that hard as long as you learn the basics, and if you persevere you can be on your way to making cabled hats in front of the tv – just like me!

To that end, I’ve found some online tutorials that do a good job of explaining how to cast on, and some basic stitches.

Cast On: This is a great tutorial showing you some of the different types of casting on you can do. Fun fact: I didn’t realize until recently that there was more than one way to do it!

How To Garter Stitch: Garter stitch is also called the ‘knit’ stitch. It can be confusing, because patterns refer to it both ways.

How To Purl Stitch: Purling is like upside down knitting.

Those are the two basic stitches for knitting – you can do a lot if you get those two down. Vogue knitting has a great comparison of some of the different looks you can get using those two stitches.

When you knit in the round (on circular needles, as opposed to straight), some different rules apply. You can read an overview of what knitting in the round entails here.

Something important about knitting is staying inspired. I mean, there are only so many scarves you can make, amiright? Here are a couple of my favorite knitting resources:

The Purl Bee: Awesome, free patterns! These ladies are always coming up with inspiring new projects, and exciting new twists on the old standbys.

Ravelry: As a rule I am against members only sites, but Ravelry is worth it. It’s an awesome (free!) community, and you can find just about any kind of pattern on there.

Other than those two sites, I mostly use Pinterest to find cool knitted patterns and ideas. You can follow my board here, but some of my favorite knitting pinners are Gennie, Liz Matthews, and Susan Davis.