The Left Handed Calligrapher

The Left Handed Calligrapher website redesign

I was really excited to work with Nicole on her new website. I made a decision last year that I was only going to work clients who gave me a good feeling – it’s a gut thing, but a couple bad clients will really make you be a little more selective about who you work with – and luckily it’s been working really well for me so far.  This new site is really cool, not that I’m biased, and even though it feels like everything I work on is ‘one of my favorites’, this really is.

In addition to featuring  her beautiful lettering, there are a couple other things that make this site my style – I love the gold accents, and how they look classy and fresh at the same time – and I’m also very proud of her calligraphy picker. Seriously, click through and check it out - you can browse your favorite styles and save the ones you like in order to easily narrow it down to your very favorite.

So check it out, and let me know what you think! And if you’re getting married and want some sick calligraphy, be sure to check out Nicole or Carrie – they are both amazing, and a pleasure to work with.

  • Kory

    Nice job! Love what you did!

    • Alison Citron

      Thanks so much, Kory!