Letterpressed Christmas Cards

santa letterpress christmas card

I am all about some holiday cards. I just love getting them in the mail, and I OF COURSE make a big project out of sending them. I have been working on this year’s cards since November, and I am going to share them here because unlike last year, when I did a terrible job, like, I don’t even know what I was thinking, this year I’m really proud of them!

I made them with my new letterpress. I haven’t talked about my press too much since I got it. It was a flea market find, and it feels like a miracle that it came into my posession.  I have loved letterpressing since I was introduced to it in college, and I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled since then. While it is definitely an investment, I am so happy whenever I’m working on a letterpressed product that I know it’s going to pay off. There is just nothing like the feeling of making something with your hands, and having dreamed about owning my own press one day, so to actually have one is pretty amazing. I am excited to keep making things with it.

santa letterpress christmas card

For my cards, I did a 2 ‘color’ job – one was a blind deboss, because Santa’s hat has white puffs, duh. I paired them with mostly red envelopes and did a more organic lettering style on the front. My favorite part is the vintage stamps I found! They are so cute and even though I’m sure the post office was hating on me, I loved how they added a special touch.

letterpressed calligraphy christmas card

I also letterpressed my mom’s cards. For these I hand lettered the front, and then scanned it into the computer to make the plate. We paired these with pale green envelopes and gold lettering – can you tell I am looking for any opportunity to address envelopes?

letterpressed calligraphy christmas card

I’m really happy with how these turned out. I learned a lot on the project, and it was great to work out the kinks on something pretty low stakes. Projects like these are so fun for me, because I think about my recipients as I work on them. That’s something I love about sending things in the mail. It’s so personal, and it gives you a great opportunity to think about your friends, and why they are your friends.

holiday card outtakes

Oh, and just for fun, here’s the outtakes from the pictures we included. Caspian really hated the whole process, but we had fun!

  • lacey

    I’M IN LOVE (with these cards), I’M IN LOVE (with these cards), AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT! i am way way waaaay impressed! how much fun are you having with your new toy? i have a baby small one, but i can’t do anything like this with it. i think you should teach a class and put me on the class roster. merry christmas to you and yours!