Lia Cecaci

image by Lia Cecaci

I found Lia Cecaci via Papernstitch and I fell completely in love with her images. Her photos have this gorgeous sun-soaked quality that makes me want to crawl right inside them, and feel that golden light on my face.

The image above is part of a gallery show she did in the end of 2011, called uproot. Her statement reads:

Gravity, Pull, Uproot, Drawing something with force.
Uproot is a collection of 15 images, of one subject, in two places.”

I love the motion in these images, and I loved looking through her website filled with sunny, beautiful photos. You should check it out!

  • Becky

    Alison, I just got your reply on the resource party thread. Thank you so much for offering your help! I just emailed you about the illustration book / freelance stuff. Look out for an email from me in case it goes spam.

    Your work is wonderful and your blog is fun to read. Color and space makes it feel refreshing!

    • lovecitron

      Thanks Becky! I’m emailing you back right now. :)