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If you know me at all, you know that I am not much of a Facebook person. Sure, I loved it when I just got to college and it was the cool thing to do. I loved being able to creep on anyone I met online, and find out all about them without ever actually having to talk to them. It was cool to be able to curate your life so that you looked fun and awesome, and you could make people jealous of how much fun you were having. But as I got older, I discovered that there were other modes of social media that I liked a lot better, like blogging and Instagram. I still have a Facebook account, but I have a pretty pared down friends list, and I mostly use it to look at pictures of people’s babies and weddings. The college freshman creeper lives on!

Anyway, something I learned while researching the best ways to promote my business is that almost everyone says that you need a Facebook page. So I made a pretty half assed attempt at a page. I set up some feed to automatically push blog posts up there, and left it at that. I actually felt pretty bad about it, but I didn’t feel like there was a lot to say on that particular venue, and I wasn’t sure how to proceed! If you have already liked my page on Facebook, thanks for sticking with me! I know it was kind of a bummer.

I’m proud to announce that after some thought, I have a solution for my Facebook fatigue. I’d like to create a community over there not only for the promotion of the event stationery that I design/will design for you, but also use it as a platform for sharing the cool things I find on the internet!

I love special events. David and I like to have semi-elaborate theme parties, I’m a huge nerd for weddings, and I’ve never met a birthday party I didn’t like. There was never a holiday too small for a party, in my opinion (Arbor Day party, anyone?). I also read a lot of blogs, and I’m constantly seeing unique and creative ways to make parties a little more special.  There’s not really anywhere for me to share that with people, so I’m trying it out on Facebook. I’m still working it out, but hopefully it will turn into a place where like-minded (see what I did there?) people can dork out about making custom banners and stuff together.


You can like the page (and be part of the cool crowd) here!  And I promise this is probably the last time I will ever write on my blog about my Facebook page.