Lost Type Co-op

As a type nerd, I spend a lot of time looking for new typefaces that don’t break the bank. This can be hard, as cheaper fonts usually mean poor quality. This is where the Lost Type Co-op comes in.

Co-founders Riley Cran and Tyler Galpin wanted to provide excellent fonts based on a pay-what-you-want system. The best part is, 100% of what you choose to pay goes to the designer. Designing typefaces is super hard you guys. It’s one of my favorite things to do – but I’ve never been able to completely finish a design. It seems right that the person putting in the hours of hard, nitpicky work gets to keep the money.

The selection isn’t extensive yet, but I have no doubt that this is going to be huge. The site is already making the rounds in the major design blogs. I love ideas like this – making great design accessible.

I picked out two of my favorite faces:


click through to visit the site

I am having a real western moment, and I love how this takes the typical ‘cowboy’ typeface, and puts intricate detail on top of it.


This is so nice and structural. It also looks manly, I think. Sometimes people tell me my style is too ‘girly’, so I am always trying to find things that are a little more macho.


Anyway, hooray for the lost type co-op! Maybe someday I will be a contributor… you never know.