Mac and Cheese, Please

make mac and cheese with broccoli slaw for a low carb alternative

SO. I really outdid myself on this one. Like… I’m going to try to be modest, but seriously – this is kind of a life changing idea that I came up with! All on my own.

A quick disclaimer: If you eat normal food like a regular person, this is a great healthy-ish(the ish depends on how much cheese you add… the amount of cheese I think is acceptable is probably not healthy.) side dish. If you’re trying to eat low carb, or gluten free, and your taste buds aren’t used to things like pasta any more, this is incredible.

One of my favorite things in the world is a good cheesy pasta dish. Fettucini Alfredo, macaroni and cheese, either from a box or homemade.. I will eat it all. Unfortunately, cheesy pasta dishes fall pretty squarely in the junk food category, and since I lead a low carb, high vegetable lifestyle, they are few and far between. The other night David and I were going to have barbeque beef for dinner, and I was having a hard time thinking of any side dishes to serve with it. We had salad, and like.. plain vegetables with barbeque? When normally it’s served with hush puppies or mac and cheese, or like, actual delicious foods? Lame.

Then I started thinking about this cheesy quiche recipe, I found, and THEN I was like hey, maybe I could make cheesy zuchinni. But zuchinni gets watery, which isn’t great with cheese sauce. I was very excited to remember that cheesy broccoli is a well documented good idea. I’ll make cheesy broccoli! My plan was to make mac and cheese sauce, but with broccoli instead.

Then I had a stroke of genius, and almost stroked out with excitement. (See what I did there?) What if I used broccoli slaw? You know, like the stuff that comes in a bag at the grocery store? You know what it’s kind of shaped like? Pasta. You know what it won’t do, like other vegetables? Get watery. I sauteed it until it was slightly soft, slapped some mac and cheese sauce on it, and baked it in the oven with a light dusting of gluten free cracker crumbs. Amaze. I made kind of a custard sauce with cream, egg yolks, cream cheese, cheddar cheese and some spices, but I’ve heard good things about this fancy mac.

Please don’t tell me if this is a well known thing. I’m really proud of myself.