Maybe This Isn’t Meant To Be

Simplicity 1897

Full disclosure: I wrote this post a couple months ago, and if you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been sewing more since then. So don’t feel too bad for me – I think I should share the ups and downs of my creative attempts, so that’s why I’m posting this, even if it’s old.

Oh my god, you guys. I have a second installment in the ‘Why Do I Do This To Myself: An Alison Citron Story’, and it’s more heartbreaking to me than the first. Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but seriously?! I made some freaking pillows, why can’t I make a dress?!

After my first failure, I had high hopes for my second attempt at making a dress. I chose Simplicity 1897, option C (The ‘sassy’ option, because they are marketing to teen girls, because teen girls are really into sewing?) It was a lot simpler, and super cute, and after agonizing over cutting out the pattern pieces for way too long, it was fairly easy to put together. The bodice was way too big, so I cut that down as I went, congratulating myself on my foresight. It only took me a couple hours to put together, and then, at the final step, I tried it on to fit the elastic waistband, and looked in the mirror, and shrieked in horror.

What. Happened? It is somehow both too baggy AND too tight, the armholes are massive, and there’s a weird thing that’s supposed to make it look like a wrap dress I think, but actually makes it look like an apron, and is also way too high to be a legit hemline. Also, the plaids don’t match up from the bodice to the skirt, which is disappointing but I wouldn’t even mind that so much, if that were the only problem.

So far, sewing is not my jam. I see other people do it successfully and I’m so inspired, but I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. I should clarify that these two dresses were made on some crazed four day sewing binge, and while I don’t mind spending a lot of time on a project (I get kind of insane, and snappy, and forget to eat, and David kept finding thread in my super tangled because obviously there’s no time for grooming hair, but I really do love the process) it’s pretty disappointing to fail so dismally. So, I’m taking a breather until my mom (Momtha?) can come help me fix everything, and maybe give me some pointers, and almost definitely yell at me because I somehow kept breaking needles?

I will admit, I had these fantasies of just like whipping up a super adorable dress and showing up somewhere, and people would be like ‘That’s cute!’ and I’d be all ‘Yeah, it’s my first sewing project, so here is some minor imperfection but I’m pretty happy with it’ and they’d be like ‘Damn, that girl is amazing at everything’. Pretty sure that’s not going to happen.

Joking aside, I really do have a dream of being able to make most of my (and maybe David’s? Nothing matching!) clothing because I think that would be really cool. And I could use all the money I saved on shoes and purses.

So I’m going to keep at it, and maybe someday I’ll be able to show you something that I made that looks good, instead of a parade of failures that I’m currently rocking, so, uh, stay tuned.