Mixtape 08 // 1957

1957 - a mixtape

Photo courtesy of oomf, type by me.

After I decided on a new posting schedule, I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to do any more mixtapes. I really don’t want to post anything that feels like filler, because I mean, if I’m taking a break from blogs because I feel like a lot of them are clutter, I certainly don’t want my own blog to feel like clutter.

But I actually really like it when other bloggers post mixtapes, and I like how it gives me an opportunity to organize the new music I’m loving. So, I decided to keep doing them – but only when there’s a lot of stuff I’m loving.

Which brings me to this mix. I am obsessed with 1957 – like I would listen to that song on repeat all day (and uh maybe I have?), and I’ve found some other songs that keep the good feeling going.

I hope you like it! Also, if you think mixtapes are the worst, let me know in the comments – if nobody likes them except me I don’t have to blog about it.

Click here to listen to the mixtape.

1. 1957 – Milo Greene
2. A Stillness – The Naked and Famous
3. Babel – Mumford & Sons
4. La Grande – Laura Gibson
5. 20 Years – The Civil Wars
6. Open Season – High Highs
7. Flowers in Your Hair – The Lumineers
8. Generator ^ Second Floor – Freelance Whales (I love the name of this band. It makes me think of beluga whales wearing Warby Parker glasses)
9. Anna Sun – Walk The Moon

  • lacey

    i cannot tell you how much i love blog mixes. yes, i can. I LOVE THEM. i’ve got an october mix in the works for my blog. stay tuned!

    • http://oneandonly.im/blog Alison Citron

      Awesome!! What’s your blog address? I want to check it out!

      • lacey

        i think you already found me! humming-right-along.blogspot.com

        • http://oneandonly.im/blog Alison Citron

          Yep, I did! Wasn’t sure if it was the same Lacey since Disqus doesn’t show your blog address. :)