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cracker packaging

Today, I want to tell you a little bit more about my family. My parents are extremely driven people. My father knew he wanted to be a doctor practically from birth, and according to him, when he wasn’t busy preparing for that by doing things like reading encyclopedias and hanging out at medical centers, he was earning his black belt in karate. My mother grew up on a farm (which means that she has a million and one ‘I walked 20 miles uphill both ways’ type stories). Even though it was not the path her parents encouraged her to take, she later put herself through college and nursing school. They started their own urgent medical center when I was a baby, and always encouraged the entrepreneurial spirit in my brother and I. This means that I probably had the only parents in the world who discouraged me from getting a ‘real’ job in high school. I babysat a ton, and they didn’t see the point of me committing all my free time to work in a bookstore or something, when I already had plenty of work. You know.. as I write this out it makes so much sense that I’m freelancing now.

cracker packaging
A couple years ago, my mother began making these delicious crackers from scratch. Her goal was to make a tasty snack that she knew had the best and healthiest ingredients. They became so popular with our family and friends that she decided to start selling them.

She asked me to help with her branding and labels, and of course I jumped at the chance. We just finished a redesign, and I am so excited to show the new and improved labels to you today.

cracker packaging

My mother comes from a large family, and they are very important to her. She has very fond memories of her childhood, and since her DIY spirit comes from her upbringing, and since our extended family played a large role in encouraging her to make this a business, it seemed only natural that we work that into her brand story. I used both modern and retro style fonts, with a classic shape for her logo, and paired that with family photos for her labels and other brand materials. The photos provide a glimpse into her life growing up on the farm, and the people who are so important to her.
I also advised on her website, which you can see here. We had the challenge of keeping it consistent with her brand while also using software that makes it easy for her to update.

cracker packaging
Her crackers are now available at most local Whole Foods, and it is so inspiring to have watched my mom take this on this challenge at the same time that I’m trying to start my own freelance business. I can’t wait to see what she does next!

  • David

    Those crackers really are the best!

    If anyone is curious, Whole Foods make a cool video about Mrs. Citron’s Pantry: