New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

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I feel weird posting my resolutions this year. Maybe it’s because I feel like it might be boring for anyone who isn’t me, or maybe it’s because while they’re important to me, I don’t feel like they’re particularly noteworthy. I do have a strategy for actually reaching my goals this year, however. Instead of writing down a bunch of stuff that I’ll forget about by next week, I listed my top 10 goals for 2013. Every month, I’m going to revisit that list, and write down a more detailed list of action steps that will actually get me closer to achieving what I want.

The overarching theme for what I want out of this year is ‘more’. I want to be more focused, get more out of my business, be more thoughtful, more enthusiastic, more open to following my interests. I want to put a lot into this next year, and I hope to get a lot back in return.

What are your hopes for the next year? Are you like me, and love to make lots of resolutions, or do you think they’re dumb?

  • Rachel

    I tell myself that resolutions are dumb, but then secretly make them in my head anyway. I like the overarching theme thing, because it’s easier to fulfill an umbrella resolution, so you’ll end up feeling better about yourself in the end! Also, resolutions kind of make me anxious. Like right now I have a few vague resolutions floating around in my brain, but the fact that it’s already January 4th and I haven’t hit the ground running on them makes me uncomfortable. =]

    • lovecitron

      AH I am feeling the same way! Like, I haven’t done ANYTHING for my resolutions, besides plan, and it’s been four whole days! I just keep telling myself I have the whole year to make them happen, so I don’t feel too bad about not hitting the ground running.

      What are your resolutions?

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