Office Dreaming

office supplies collage

sources: rug, ice cream print, pencil cup, succulent photo, tray

I’ve slowly started taking steps toward upgrading my office. I bought fabric for my chair (I was going to fix it up this weekend but it was too cold, BOO weather, BOO!) and I’m waffling between painting a wall in a coral ombre (like this) and keeping it white, light and airy. I’m brainstorming storage ideas, like this, and thinking of ways to use what I have to store everything so that it’s easily accessible, but hidden. I’m excited that after years (years!) of thinking about it, I’ve finally settled on a look that I both like, and think is easily accessible. Lots of white, neutral, natural accents (like this rug, which I’m in love with, or these sweet pencil jars) and gold accents everywhere because I wanna feel fancy. Since my fig fiddle is still alive, I’ve decided to go nuts and add some succulents in the office, too. They will add some warmth/life, and hopefully they won’t be too hard to kill. I love the bouquet that I found through Pinterest, although my real life succulent planters probably won’t be that ornate.

I’m excited to actually get started on the decorating/organizing part of this venture. I’m going to try to use and upgrade what I have whenever possible – and DIY the rest.