My New Office

light functional office

It’s been a while since I got my new office closets. And I haven’t really felt like I’ve gotten the space to a point where I can show off my amaazing new office. I felt really bad about it. I’m a designer! My office space should be beautiful, inspiring, immaculate… It is some of those things. But the more I stressed about it, the less I wanted to do to change it, and then I realized something. It is a real luxury to have a space that’s dedicated just to being creative. I spend a lot of time here completely absorbed in projects. The best part is that I can just get up and walk away from a project at any time.. no cleaning up, no setting up when I come back. It’s great. Especially now that I’ve been sewing some more.


So why am I beating myself up for not having this great looking office? It’s so great to have this dedicated space to work on inspiring projects, and it’s way more important to me that the space is very organized and functional, even if that means it looks a little cluttered because my pens are sitting out all the time. Furthermore, nobody even comes in here except for David, (and Caspian. This is technically his bedroom). Who, exactly, am I trying to impress?


I think I should try to appreciate the beauty in a space that serves such a singular purpose. This is where I make stuff. Does it even need to be more than that?


I mean… there are times when I wish it looked a little better. I definitely feel a little hesitant to share these photos. It feels like I’m showing you something private, like… here is my secret shame. My office isn’t Pinterest-worthy.


I see so many beautiful office spaces on Pinterest – why is that not real life for me? But are those offices real life even for their owners? My hope is over time, as I continue to settle and make little tweaks here and there, its outsides will evolve to look the way it makes me feel.  But for right now: This is my office. I make a lot of stuff in here. I love how functional it is, and how bright the space gets in the morning, and how my dog sleeps under my workbench all day and has cute little dog dreams. I really shouldn’t feel bad about that – it’s more than enough.