Oragami Invitations

oragami invitation

Can you believe it’s Friday? This whole week, I’ve been totally  mixed up on what day it is – and what time it is, and what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m going to go ahead and blame a lack of sleep, and excitement for the upcoming weekend, because we are having a PARTY!

oragami invitation

Speaking of parties,  I wanted to share these invitations I made for my brother’s graduation party earlier this summer. It was pretty much just for family, and we needed something fast and cheap.  He’s been really into dressing nice (he wanted to be Don Draper for Halloween, but he was worried he’d ruin his suit.) and at both of the weddings we’ve attended together this year, he was most excited about having a chance to look spiffy without being weird. So I made him some origami shirts and ties, which tied (har har) nicely into his chosen major, business. I also added type suspenders, which is kind of a family thing – my grandpa wore a lot of suspenders, and some of the boys in our family recently received some of his old pairs, and Dan was wearing his a lot at the time.

oragami invitation

Due to the fact that I suck at origami, they took a little longer than expected, but all in all I finished the project in a couple hours, and the invites were a hit! They’d be pretty easy to make, so maybe I’ll make a printable. Would that be something anyone is interested in?

  • Katelyn

    These are awesome! I did origami shirts like that out of dollar bills for my brother’s 21st birthday. 21 $1 bills. Love seeing the idea blown up a little larger.

    • lovecitron

      That’s such a cute gift idea! I love how just the act of folding something can make it so much more special. :)