Over The Couch

family room decoration

When we rearranged the furniture, I just kind of threw some canvases up on a wall without thinking too much about it. They were all paintings by my talented mother, and while I love them individually, I ended up really not liking them over the couch. They just looked unfinished without frames, the diagonal angle was weird, and they had no context. I love the idea of having a kitchen gallery wall with paintings of food by my mom, but over the couch it was kind of strange. The colors also didn’t work with the room – I have a red, aqua and neutral thing going on, and the green was not bringing that out.

family room decoration

When my mom showed me some tea towels she got from the flea market, I got super jealous. They were the perfect colors for my apartment, and I thought they would look awesome over my couch. Lucky for me, my mom is a really nice person, and gave them to me! I want to eventually put them between plexiglass, but I was too excited to wait to complete that project to get them up.

I think they look awesome. They’ll look even better when they’re in a real frame, but I love how bold the colors are, and how they play off everything else already in the room. I’d love to find an American flag tea towel in the same colors to put up as well – but for now I’m happy keepin’ it British.

  • David

    I really like the pictures (and our new tea towels). It’s hard to capture how rooms really look. All my indoor pictures are so awful and dark, so good job!

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