Over The Hump


friends at the beach

This weekend I am going to my first ever bachelorette party. I am incredibly excited (and also pretty confused on what to wear.. something sparkly, right? Any suggestions? My budget is 10 dollars. Good luck!) and a little bit in denial. My cousin, who I’ve been friends with before I was born (she is 8 months older than me, so I’m pretty sure we were buds in spirit) is getting married. Except just last week we were in the basement, playing make believe games, I was taking in her superior acrobatic skills (the 8 month age gap made a real difference, let me tell you) and eating chicken and cheese fajitas off of neon plastic plates in the backyard. Now we are all grown up, and she has a fiance. It’s crazy, I tell you!

I have so many good memories with her, and I’m excited for this weekend, and the years of good memories that we have yet to make.