It’s my party and I’ll make you read a recap if I want to

this is it

Hey! It’s my birthday! It’s kind of a big one, but nothing that big is happening, so I feel weird but also fine with it? I don’t know – there are a lot of feelings involved but it’s all going to be okay because age is just a number and not a countdown to when you die. Because it’s my birthday I don’t have a real post for you today – even though I schedule them in advance usually, I somehow get birthday immunity. HOWEVER, I thought it would be fun to take a little trip down memory lane and look at what I’ve been up to over the past year – and I also thought it might make me feel better about my (very very minor) quarter life crisis because look! Sometimes I do stuff!


In October of last year I had just finished up Sarah and Ryan’s wedding invitations, which were a doozy and I am still super proud of, our close friends had just had an epic wedding, and I drank a crazy amount of pumpkin beer.


November was pretty busy too, with another wedding (that I was in! Sometimes I think I should blog about my friends weddings but then that also seems weird and like, not my story to tell, so I don’t know. Just because they’re not on my blog doesn’t mean I don’t love them, though, newlywed friends.) I thought broiled grapefruit was a good idea, (yeah fell off that bandwagon like, immediately) and we hosted our first annual Friendsgiving, a new tradition that I am never giving up, because I love it. We also had regular Thanksgiving, which was super fun, as usual.


December was the craziest month of all, with yet another wedding (that David and I were both in), a bazillion holiday things, and I did an insane amount of knitting. I also shared all my favorite cookie recipes.


January was a sobering month of quiet reflection, and crapping out on actually making new year’s resolutions. JK, I didn’t actually blog that much so I don’t really remember what was going on with me in January – probably a lot of working and watching TV and trying to convince myself that I actually wanted to go to the gym.


February was the most romantic month of year – Valentine’s Day! Which I know David and I did… something for, but what really sticks out is the Valentine’s I made for my friends, and the sweet Gal-entine’s party I got invited to. If I remember correctly I also spent much of February fantasizing about going to the beach without actually doing anything about it.

hole in wall double closet

March was kind of a zero month, we did all that renovation, and while having new closets is still amazing, the process is a blur of dust, crap everywhere, and sleeping on the floor while covered in paint. Kind of a low point was trying to finish up painting on St. Patrick’s day, and hearing our upstairs neighbor have a party, and feeling like everyone in the world was getting to have fun while I just was doomed to paint for the rest of my life. It was totally worth it, and I’m just as committed to being a drama queen now as I was then.

getting there computer yellow gradient

April was fun! I took I Still Love Calligraphy, which I loved, and kind of changed my life a little bit, I started doing mixtapes, and it was David’s birthday. What more could you ask for in a month?

boston calling

May we went to Boston, I thought about my blogging style, and drank a lot of margaritas.


I had a pretty good summer! I tried new things, worked on learning to sew, tried to be a little more badass and quit caring so much, and did a lot of lazing around and slackin’ on my blog.

diy dog bed

Things have picked up this fall, as you may have noticed (it’s weird to recap the past couple of weeks) and I’ve been doing some exciting things, like hacking mac and cheese, making my apartment ready for fall, and getting slightly better at sewing.

It’s been a good year. Thank you so much to everyone who reads this blog for sticking around and making my day with your comments – I <3 you!

  • lacey

    oh happy day! happy, happy birthday to you! i really like recapping the past year on my birthday/new years. and by really like i mean it gives me anxiety in a bad way. “did i do enough? am i the same person i was 365 days ago? gaaaaah.” it looks like you’ve done some pretty fun and amazing stuff and i can’t wait to click through all the links you posted. hope you’re still celebrating!

    • Alison Citron

      Thank you thank you! Yeah, I’m usually like you with recapping stuff (AAH! I DID NOTHING!!) but this year it actually helped me feel better!

      I will be celebrating for as long as my birthday cake holds out, which hopefully will be for a good long time bc it’s yummy. :)