Did It Myself Pillows

DIY Throw Pillows - I finally sewed something!

The pillows on my couch have been one of those things that I’ve been vaguely unhappy with for like years – but only recently found it within myself to change, after building it up to be this massive undertaking in my head. I wanted something more to scale in the room, and in a lovely neutral, since this is my neutral room.

Of course this project got kicked off when my mom found some fabric at the flea market. It was time to start trying out this whole sewing thing. It was a pretty simple project – I bought some pillow forms, cut out my pieces, pinned and sewing, bing bang boom – and the only challenge was the fabric could be a little slippery.

DIY Throw Pillows - I finally sewed something!

I think they look really good! They are way more comfortable than the old pillows, and they are a little shiny and luxe feeling – it makes my IKEA couch feel more acceptable. Side Rant: I seriously cannot wait to get rid of this couch, I hate it and it’s weird wobbly leg and the fact that after two years it is just slowly disintegrating – good thing it’s probably going to be a couple more years before I can really be rid of it.

So that’s what’s new on the home design front – I love when little changes make everything feel more pulled together.