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I mentioned on Monday that I have organization on the brain, and that’s sort of morphed into me obsessing over my next decorating project. I’ve never been super into how my bedroom looks. It just seems like a random assortment of furniture with no overall cohesion, and while I have one good piece in the room (the giant yellow painting by my mom), everything else is weird and tends to skew college.

The room is also really small, with two doors and a window, so space/arrangements are limited. Our closet space is a joke, so we have one very full closet, a nighstand and two dressers in there. It’s a lot of look. I want to change it up without spending a lot (or any?) money, but also optimize the space and make it more stylish. I’m so over the yellow/gray combo, and I think I’m leaning more toward a neutral, minimal look, with the yellow painting being the bright exception to that rule.

I love the windows in this space, and the floor to ceiling curtains. I wonder what it would look like if I put my bed in front of the window, and lined that wall with curtains?


bedroom inspiration
I love the soft color palette and how cool that upholstered headboard is. I also like the light coming from the ceiling.
bedroom inspiration
Ugh… stop. I love this. It’s so simple and minimal. How do people live like this? Don’t they wear clothes?
bedroom inspiration
I just like this headboard color. Maybe I’m not totally over mustard and gray. It’s interesting to see how other people utilize the space at the end of the bed, although I wonder why you need chairs at the end of the bed? It’s not like you’ll be inviting people into your bedroom for meetings.
So that’s what’s on my mind today. Do you guys have any rooms in your house that you feel like you can’t get right? What are your favorite organizing tips? I clearly need help – I spent like 20 minutes today organizing under the bathroom sink, which was MUCH needed, but then I got distracted and everything is still out all over the hallway. I should probably get on that before David gets home.
  • Kathy

    I like to think of all my rooms as works in progress. As time marches on even the greatest rooms need updating or your needs change or you just want to shake things up a bit. I get a huge amount of joy from analyzing and planning my next project so I say embrace the process! Explore, plan, collect ideas ( btw I love the inspiration rooms you posted) and soon the plan will come together. By that time it will be January…the perfect time to implement a new look for your bedroom.

    • lovecitron

      Good advice! It will be nice to have a project to look forward to after all the holiday fun too.