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tape label design

You know when you do a task up to the last step.. and then you forget it isn’t finished and go on about your life for a good month or so? This has happened to me with some projects that I  want to share with you guys!  This is a packaging design that I worked on for Robert Jordan of Fortis Design. Platypus duct tape is a designer duct tape with a variety of patterns. We wanted to come up with an eye-catching design that also complimented a wide variety of patterns and colors.

The second challenge was to fit all the relevant information within a circular template, which is never an ideal shape for lots of information. The final solution was an orange strip that is reminiscent of a piece of tape. The chunky logo type gave the label some weight, and also kept it from veering too ‘girly’, which was a concern. The suggested uses ringing the outside of the label add more information without taking away too much visual weight.

It was definitely a collaborative process between myself and Rob, and I think we came up with a great end product.

You can check out more of my work at www.alisoncitron.com

  • http://hotmesscoolday.wordpress.com Lindsay

    Wow nice solution to a tough problem! I want the leopard print one! Although I don’t have many duct tape uses…duct tape wallet? Ha

    • lovecitron

      Thanks! Yeah, I’m not a huge duct tape consumer either.. but I like to use it to make packages more exciting!