I look at a lot of stuff on the internet. It’s a great form of inspiration, being constantly bombarded with images. I’m always amazed at the beautiful things people can create – and I’m always filing away techniques and ideas to try with my own stuff. However, I feel like I can become desensitized. I rarely find images that really grab me, and I can get into the habit of just glancing at things.

When I saw these on Dooce a couple weeks ago, I fell completely in love, and spent a good 15 minutes on Aaron Straup Cope’s website, staring at these beautiful maps.

These images take all of my favorite map elements and combine them into beautiful images that I could stare at for hours. Aaron says that he’d “like to generate map tiles that give you that same dizzy feeling you get when you look down at a city at night, from an airplane.” These maps make me feel the way I did when I was flying home alone from Boston last year, and we were finally landing. As we zoomed over my city, I looked down at the familiar streets all lit up and felt so, so happy to be home.

DC/Baltimore – Aaron Straup Cope

I want to buy them all, in the biggest size possible, and wallpaper my apartment with them. (I also wish he’d do one of Raleigh!) I especially love Chicago.

Chicago – Aaron Straup Cope

Click on the images to see more – he also has Paris and a couple other cities. I am sad I didn’t see these in time for Christmas – they would have been at the top of my list.