Quick Calligraphy

emily henderson quote lettered by alison citron

Hey! It’s me! I’ve been terrible about posting this week, but I wanted to put this up mostly because I’m preeettty proud of it, and I thought maybe you could use a little inspiration on this lovely Thursday as well.

I was reading Emily Henderson’s post about her birth plan (which.. is normal? I’ll read about a stranger’s birth plan, I don’t care!) and it ended up being surprisingly inspiring. Well, I guess not surprising, because I can make anything about myself, but this part resonated with me:

 Work hard at being the best you can be, not being the best. Life is all about managing expectations; it’s all you can ask of yourself, and putting pressure on yourself to do better than your absolute best seems like one big set up for failure and severe disappointment. Know your talents and strengths, know what you aren’t good at, try to get better and use that information to make the best decisions you can.

I am in a stage of my life where I’m learning and developing a lot of skills, and it’s tempting to just say, Oh, well I’m not the best so screw it. But I’ll probably never be the absolute best at everything. First, because ‘best’ is subjective, and also because there’s always someone better. But if I stopped letting that get me down, and just focused on doing my best, all the time – I bet I can get somewhere pretty special.


  • Naomi Shiek


  • lacey

    yay! there are a lot of things i’m not good at (a looot), but there are also things that, hey, i can do pretty well. such as: eating a jar of peanut butter in one week, counting to 10 without using my fingers, making jewelry. enough with focusing on our weaknesses. let’s hear it for our strengths! go us! this calligraphy is gorgeous. go girl.

  • http://abbiekressner.com/ Abbie Kressner

    I love this!! :)