A Quickie Lack Hack

ikea  lack coffee table hack

Happy Friday! The roughest week of the year is over – doesn’t it feel great to have that behind you? The whole transitioning-back-into-real-life thing has been especially rough for us as David has been battling some sort of illness that’s knocked him completely out of commission for way, way too long. He’s finally recovering, but it made it pretty hard to keep any kind of schedule for a while there.

Today I want to share a quick change I made in our living room. We have had this IKEA Lack coffee table for a while, as a side table, and we decided to transition it back into a coffee table. One problem – I totally hate the way it looks, and the way it, paired with our couch, screams ‘they shop at IKEA!’. So, I was happy to find these tapered legs for super cheapies, and swap out the squared off legs for a whole new look. I rubbed a little mineral oil on the legs to finish them, and we ended up adding these brackets for stability, (after my brother collapsed the table by putting his feet on it) but for a total of like.. 20 dollars we have a whole new coffee table look – perfect for the interim while I search for the ideal table.

I also love how this vantage point gives you a view into our ingenious storage system – flat packed linens under the couch. I swear you can’t see it unless you’re sitting on the kitchen floor, but real talk – I took this photo back in December so I wanted to crop out anything that indicated it was the holiday season, and this was the only vantage point… and I totally blew it by just telling you that.

Anyway, it’s really nice to have a coffee table again, and I thought I’d share in case you, too, are regretting your decision to purchase a Lack anything.


  • lacey

    i didn’t even notice the linens until you mentioned them. your secret is safe with me. love the tapered table legs! sometimes, the most easy and simple change makes the biggest difference. like even changing where a picture is hung on the wall creates such a new look. great work!