David and I have started playing racquetball lately. It’s kind of turned into an obsession on my part. It started off as an attempt for me to lure David to the gym with me, since I had stopped going to yoga as much (read: at all), and I wanted both of us to actually use our gym memberships because otherwise it’s wasted money. We went for the first time on Saturday, and I am in love. It reminds me of how I used to hit the tennis ball against the garage door as a kid, until my mom made me stop because she was afraid I’d dent it. It’s super fun to hit the ball as hard as you can, and it’s an excellent workout that doesn’t feel like a workout.

Of course, the minute we walked out of the court I was imagining the cute workout outfits I could get if I keep it up, so I made a little style board.

Striped Sweatbands


Racerback top

Sherpa-Lined Jacket

Duffel Bag